Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ZNZ- Can't Be Trusted?

Is ZNZ seducing you ,only to take your money and run for dear life! Or is it real occurrence?That there seems to be the question of the century. I definitely see why.Considering all these promising opportunities out there that don't bring in there side of the bargain!

Well I'm nyangore,I know I have a pretty strange name,but hey I have some news to share with you!
I've looked into ZNZ and I've been harnessing some details.

For those of you wondering what in the heck is a ZNZ well  ZipNadaZilch to be more precise.Is a online marketing company that works with major fortune 500 companies like (netflix,discover card and bellaplex).ZNZ's role with these fortune 500 companies is to get internet marketing agents to refer people to try out there free products and services.When an offer is completed. The agent then gets paid ,as well as ZNZ.Before a agent is qualified the agent must complete an offer offer can range from free to having a price tag.when the offer is complete the agent is then able to produce income.

Guys I wouldn't dare leave you hanging these "details", Ive been harnessing will be revealed!Let me start by saying I came across ZNZ some months ago,I wasn't completely serious at the time.So i didn't really pursue it.I thought i was in for one of those crazy gimmicks ,i see ever so often,but as time faded. I began to become more open and a little desperate.So i was on a mission guys!I let my desperation get the best of me.So here's  were things get interesting. I completed my credit offer finally after about 5 months.Talk about a long time coming!

So the very first day i did training.and when i began to attempt to market i didn't have the proper mindset so my first day i made not one dime!You see all these stories of people making 200 hundred there first day,but i didn't i make ZipNadaZilch,how ironic,don't lose hope just yet.when i knew i wasn't get the proper results i knew something had to be done.I Changed my mindset,my way of approaching this and now I'm seeing results,ZNZ does work!I'm no bill gates but i am making descent money.ZNZ took me by surprise,i would never forget they way i felt when i got my first referral.There really is a hope!

For those of you who want to try it for yourself Click Here to Try ZNZ When you click you will go through the whole process i went through. Hopefully they'll take all your money and run.I'm just kidding guys =).
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