Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Little Entrepreneur That Could

There once lived a shy innocent boy.Whom dreamed of one day becoming an Entrepreneur.This boy wanted to be "the big man in the suit".the figure everyone looked up to.Everyone with a pulse saw that this boy was scared of his own shadow.

All of town teased him about his yearning!The boy felt mortified he could feel his heart sinking painfully almost like a battle ship.Everyone made it clear that he couldn't ever become an entrepreneur.He wasn't strong and assertive enough to take on such position.His' s aunt Sue always told him"Never let anyone control your dreams",but that statement never ceased to exist to him.The boy wanted to compromise his dream,he wanted to be normal,he wanted people to stop making fun of him.

Okay you guys see where I'm going with this this message.This go's out to to everyone.,Never conform to what others are saying.There telling you that marketing is out of reach or that you cant be of the female gender and have your business.Let the naysayers talk up a storm, but you, yourself must realize that it is crucial that your comfortable with yourself, never doubt that you can win!,Its okay to feel frustrated sometimes, but its always okay to believe in yourself,Yes! little ones could own there own business !

If you weren't brought up the best way who cares,You can do this!Its all up to you .You have to realize that you can reach new heights.You could show those downing people otherwise.Just like the little engine that could long ,as long as you think you can you actually CAN!

-Nyangore Lual

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