Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fun Ways To Promote Your Bussiness! (Novelty)

*Why don't you get some balloons,fill them with your web address and pass the balloons out at the mall.Make sure you have a devious look in your face,that will get them curious.DISCLAIMER-You may attract quite a bit of children,and also you may float away like a plastic bag.

*Humiliate yourself at karaoke night.
Sing about your booming low prices,your affiliate link,and of course make sure you song is catchy.just in case you have tomatoes thrown at you,bring in extra clothes,things can possibly get nasty.

*Go to a local high traffic area
 and bring a sign that say "will do anything for affiliate leads".
Caution-you may possible get ruled as desperate!

*Never stop saying John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt,
keep repeating it ,until someone views your website.
Don't stop not until that cows come home!

*" Make a business card stand" Make the sure the sign is wooden and says 10 cents for business cards,you maybe raise a few looks!

*Go to a big city and run like some monster is chasing  you say" it AWFUL",then mention you web address as you continue running make sure to look terrified!

Guys, I was just in the mood to have fun with this blog. I hope you guys enjoyed this,and maybe even thought in a new perspective. You don't necessarily have to stick with the standard way of promoting your business.Its okay to branch out.Some of these things i listed may not be necessary but what I'm telling you is that its okay to think outside of the box.

Yours Truly.
Nyangore Lual

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