Thursday, July 19, 2012

How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Everyone knows that in order to gain more rank and leads you must have traffic!Although in real life roads. Traffic is what we avoid at all cost. Whereas in the marketing department,Traffic is what is sought after.

Here's my take on obtaining more unique visitors and traffic.

Two words "search optimization-"This can help you greatly.
Your website will be indexed,therefore people will be more likely to stumble upon your site targeted people at that!You don't only have to stop at optimizing you keep website,you can sneak in your blog in as well.when people see your promoting you website on your blog that may strike interest.

(Be a service) The unique visitors aren't only important, but your returning one's are important as well!Give people reason to return!

Use social media-Post enlightening content,they'll attract people to your links.if you giving away free products and services make that clear,people jump at the word "free"if you know of a way to help someone else do better make it known,people want someone they could count on.Someone reliable!

give unique content-people can grow tired of the same routine,they want to see diversity!Appeal to your viewers.Give them spark!you will come off as intriguing if you aren't the "usual"and that's what we want!

Yours Truly
Nyangore Lual

How To Have a "1-UP" When It Comes To Marketing

Often times people want to know how to get one step further to "beyond"I'm not asking you to consume some "Marioian Plant" but what I'm asking is that you instill these tips into your business and your heart.

  • I can not stretch this enough when it come is consistency you must find a balance.If not you'll end up getting unsubscribed more often.You have to realize that you must draw a line.Its okay to have a presence .The thing is being to present could push people away.I have unsubscribed to some newsletters because of that.I'm not saying any names,but you most stay away from being all over the place!

  •  you must make yourself a brand,when we think 1-up we automatically think of the mushroom of super Mario world.You must have something that makes people automatically think of you!Your not some computer head talking to them you an actual person.A living breathing real person!Make sure that show,and remember not to lose yourself,be completely  honest that will make you shine.theirs so many bland unrealistic marketer,you must be a 3 dimensional marketer.They'll make you stand out from the bunch. Trust me,people want to identify with you.It's you who have to set up that vibe.
  • Remember to never allow yourself to stop promoting!Ever wonder why these huge successful companies, with massive amounts of money are still advertising?Well here's the thing they are doing this to keep people aware of there products and service and also to ensure the results they receiving wont fade.Don't be surprise if you continue to see that never ending progressive lady or the cracked Zax sauce woman. These commercials,magazine ads,radio interviews are what make these companies huge and powerful.Facebook,YouTube,blogging,twitter,Ezine articles,Craigslist and the list goes on and on.Those are what can make you huge and powerful!
           Nyangore Lual

Fun Ways To Promote Your Bussiness! (Novelty)

*Why don't you get some balloons,fill them with your web address and pass the balloons out at the mall.Make sure you have a devious look in your face,that will get them curious.DISCLAIMER-You may attract quite a bit of children,and also you may float away like a plastic bag.

*Humiliate yourself at karaoke night.
Sing about your booming low prices,your affiliate link,and of course make sure you song is catchy.just in case you have tomatoes thrown at you,bring in extra clothes,things can possibly get nasty.

*Go to a local high traffic area
 and bring a sign that say "will do anything for affiliate leads".
Caution-you may possible get ruled as desperate!

*Never stop saying John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt,
keep repeating it ,until someone views your website.
Don't stop not until that cows come home!

*" Make a business card stand" Make the sure the sign is wooden and says 10 cents for business cards,you maybe raise a few looks!

*Go to a big city and run like some monster is chasing  you say" it AWFUL",then mention you web address as you continue running make sure to look terrified!

Guys, I was just in the mood to have fun with this blog. I hope you guys enjoyed this,and maybe even thought in a new perspective. You don't necessarily have to stick with the standard way of promoting your business.Its okay to branch out.Some of these things i listed may not be necessary but what I'm telling you is that its okay to think outside of the box.

Yours Truly.
Nyangore Lual

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Little Entrepreneur That Could

There once lived a shy innocent boy.Whom dreamed of one day becoming an Entrepreneur.This boy wanted to be "the big man in the suit".the figure everyone looked up to.Everyone with a pulse saw that this boy was scared of his own shadow.

All of town teased him about his yearning!The boy felt mortified he could feel his heart sinking painfully almost like a battle ship.Everyone made it clear that he couldn't ever become an entrepreneur.He wasn't strong and assertive enough to take on such position.His' s aunt Sue always told him"Never let anyone control your dreams",but that statement never ceased to exist to him.The boy wanted to compromise his dream,he wanted to be normal,he wanted people to stop making fun of him.

Okay you guys see where I'm going with this this message.This go's out to to everyone.,Never conform to what others are saying.There telling you that marketing is out of reach or that you cant be of the female gender and have your business.Let the naysayers talk up a storm, but you, yourself must realize that it is crucial that your comfortable with yourself, never doubt that you can win!,Its okay to feel frustrated sometimes, but its always okay to believe in yourself,Yes! little ones could own there own business !

If you weren't brought up the best way who cares,You can do this!Its all up to you .You have to realize that you can reach new heights.You could show those downing people otherwise.Just like the little engine that could long ,as long as you think you can you actually CAN!

-Nyangore Lual

Tips on marketing your bussiness

Your probably a newly wed Internet Marketer.Your probably feeling like your beating a dead horse.wanting something you just cant have huh!Those ''gurus'' make marketing look like child play,while in actuality you have your hands full.Your no circus clown but your juggling so much at once!

Well I have some techniques you can possible incorporate into you business.

  • Why not make yourself known. There so much free exposure out there its pretty insane.why not tweet about you upcoming promotion,Why not lure people in from that Facebook group you see constantly,why not promote you services on YouTube as I type there are people searching your niche on the web.Dear marketer you must have a presence,people must know you exist if your non-existent you wont have any traffic whats so ever.Traffic is what we want.Remember this traffic equals money!

  •  If you want to dominate the marketing must know how to talk to your consumers,they know if theirs something a little off,be as truthful as possible,never sugarcoat your business.know one wants to get excited about a brand new product and then all of sudden get ambushed and bombarded with lies!when you are truthful you will attract the proper person!
  • Incorporate your business into your everyday life.Become a walking opportunity,no I'm teasing but make sure you remember your companies mission on a day to day basis that is what will keep you moving and keep you from getting discouraged!Remember there's always a way,Don't envision what you can have,Just envision what you can do.
  • Don't neglect the minor resources out there! if you can do one little thing a day,that little thing can someday expand to a massive weapon!
  • Never stop learning about your niche,there is so much precious data out there.Explore with all your might.

Best Wishes,Happy Marketing!
Nyangore Lual

ZNZ- Can't Be Trusted?

Is ZNZ seducing you ,only to take your money and run for dear life! Or is it real occurrence?That there seems to be the question of the century. I definitely see why.Considering all these promising opportunities out there that don't bring in there side of the bargain!

Well I'm nyangore,I know I have a pretty strange name,but hey I have some news to share with you!
I've looked into ZNZ and I've been harnessing some details.

For those of you wondering what in the heck is a ZNZ well  ZipNadaZilch to be more precise.Is a online marketing company that works with major fortune 500 companies like (netflix,discover card and bellaplex).ZNZ's role with these fortune 500 companies is to get internet marketing agents to refer people to try out there free products and services.When an offer is completed. The agent then gets paid ,as well as ZNZ.Before a agent is qualified the agent must complete an offer offer can range from free to having a price tag.when the offer is complete the agent is then able to produce income.

Guys I wouldn't dare leave you hanging these "details", Ive been harnessing will be revealed!Let me start by saying I came across ZNZ some months ago,I wasn't completely serious at the time.So i didn't really pursue it.I thought i was in for one of those crazy gimmicks ,i see ever so often,but as time faded. I began to become more open and a little desperate.So i was on a mission guys!I let my desperation get the best of me.So here's  were things get interesting. I completed my credit offer finally after about 5 months.Talk about a long time coming!

So the very first day i did training.and when i began to attempt to market i didn't have the proper mindset so my first day i made not one dime!You see all these stories of people making 200 hundred there first day,but i didn't i make ZipNadaZilch,how ironic,don't lose hope just yet.when i knew i wasn't get the proper results i knew something had to be done.I Changed my mindset,my way of approaching this and now I'm seeing results,ZNZ does work!I'm no bill gates but i am making descent money.ZNZ took me by surprise,i would never forget they way i felt when i got my first referral.There really is a hope!

For those of you who want to try it for yourself Click Here to Try ZNZ When you click you will go through the whole process i went through. Hopefully they'll take all your money and run.I'm just kidding guys =).
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