Thursday, July 19, 2012

How To Have a "1-UP" When It Comes To Marketing

Often times people want to know how to get one step further to "beyond"I'm not asking you to consume some "Marioian Plant" but what I'm asking is that you instill these tips into your business and your heart.

  • I can not stretch this enough when it come is consistency you must find a balance.If not you'll end up getting unsubscribed more often.You have to realize that you must draw a line.Its okay to have a presence .The thing is being to present could push people away.I have unsubscribed to some newsletters because of that.I'm not saying any names,but you most stay away from being all over the place!

  •  you must make yourself a brand,when we think 1-up we automatically think of the mushroom of super Mario world.You must have something that makes people automatically think of you!Your not some computer head talking to them you an actual person.A living breathing real person!Make sure that show,and remember not to lose yourself,be completely  honest that will make you shine.theirs so many bland unrealistic marketer,you must be a 3 dimensional marketer.They'll make you stand out from the bunch. Trust me,people want to identify with you.It's you who have to set up that vibe.
  • Remember to never allow yourself to stop promoting!Ever wonder why these huge successful companies, with massive amounts of money are still advertising?Well here's the thing they are doing this to keep people aware of there products and service and also to ensure the results they receiving wont fade.Don't be surprise if you continue to see that never ending progressive lady or the cracked Zax sauce woman. These commercials,magazine ads,radio interviews are what make these companies huge and powerful.Facebook,YouTube,blogging,twitter,Ezine articles,Craigslist and the list goes on and on.Those are what can make you huge and powerful!
           Nyangore Lual

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